NRTN is an experimental unisex designer brand that focuses on jewellery and design.

NRTN approaches every piece of jewellery as if it were an art piece. Everything we design, we design to make a resounding statement. We create jewellery using both traditional techniques, experimental new technologies, and unconventional cross-field approaches.

Our design lab’s motto has remained the same since the inception of the brand in 2016 – to create bold, unique, and brilliant jewellery that exists on the edge of space and time.

Hansel Tai, the founder of the brand, is a jeweller and artist graduated from both Estonian Academy of Arts and Central Academy of Fine Arts. Hansel’s work focuses on queer culture in the Post-internet Epoch. To Hansel, the future is now: time swells towards us from the future and the past, forming a hyperstitional reality. The apocalypse is here, but so is utopia, in which the natural is shadowed by the body cult, deformation, subcultural signs and high gloss metal, and digital voodoo is materialised into fetish objects.

Our studio is located in Tallinn, Estonia.

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