Unique Work

“Hansel Tai is on a quest to expand queer aesthetics taking visual cues from various nations’ military insignia systems. He is intrigued by the logic behind their designs – such as three stars, four stars – and attempts to create a new alternative power system dynamic.”  – Karin De Buysere & René Darmont, Gallerists from Exhibition BREAKING RULES

  • Size: 88 x 75 x 15 mm /each
  • Weight: 19g /per earring
  • Materials: Powder-coated brass, Surgical stainless steel, Silver ear post
  • Shipping time: within 10 days after payment

Unique Work from project FAGATOPIA

FAGATOPIA is an art project expanding queer aesthetic taking visual cues from various nations’ military insignia systems. For me the beauty of an existing military insignia is at its recursion design.
One chevron, two chevrons. Three stars, four stars.
I love the logic behind the design system, it makes me feel safe, it makes me feel a certainty. It’s hard for me to say what should military be and what purpose it serves in a queer utopia. But by stripping away the meaning of a military insignia, this series of work is a visual attempt for a new alternative power system dynamic. Fagatopia serves as a fiction, it “borrows” or “reclaims” certain ancient power, and “redistribute” these power into a new world.

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