The ongoing project Nude Jade Pierced takes on the sacred material: jade. Celebrated as the ultimate symbol of perfection and purity and valued for its translucent, skin like glow, jade is often carved into intricate mythological and religious forms.

In the newest editions of the pierced jade work, The shapes are reminders of playful and stereotypical symbols, whether it’s a teabag or an arrow head. In this series of works, the jade formally reduced and abstracted, are penetrated with heavy ready-made circular barbell piercings. With this gesture – which is inconceivable, on many levels, to those familiar with traditional jade carving – I subdues the sacred jade, evoking a strong emotional response from the viewer.

  • Material: Myanmar jade, Surgical stainless steel, Rubber, Silver
  • Size: 70 x 57 x 26 mm, thread: 650 mm
  • Weight: 77.40 g

Unique jade pendent carved and pierced by Hansel Tai.

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